How all the tattoos (and words) fit together

LexTattooProject_A Love Story

Jessica Winters’ “A Love Story” tattoo from the Lexington Tattoo Project. It is one of the many you will see in the video preview.

We can hardly wait for all Love Letter To the World participants to upload fun photographs of their tattoos to the website so we can begin making the LLTW video artwork! This video will be the most tangible product of our global artwork (second, perhaps, to the many tattoos around the world). The video will be created by synchronizing photographs of tattooed words and phrases with Frank X Walker’s reading of the poem–for example, as he reads “little worlds,” a tattoo of that phrase will be appear in the video. Better yet…if you watch the video a second time, a different tattoo of the same phrase will appear. In fact, the video will be different every single time you watch it because the computer program will randomly select one of the many “little worlds” tattoos to put in place and it will do this with each of the 129 phrases!

If you are having a hard time imagining how this is going to work, watch the one-minute preview of the video we created for the Lexington Tattoo Project. (Note: the full, ten-minute-long video has not been made public.) And even if you know exactly how it’s all going to fit together, give a listen: beautiful words on beautiful people, spoken by Bianca Spriggs, poet extraordinaire.