Our newest translation–in Afrikaans!

–click here to listen to Love Letta to de Worl’ in Afrikaans–

Diana Ferrus is a South African writer, poet, and storyteller. Ferrus is best known for her “A Poem for Sarah Baartman” about a South African woman who in the 19th century was taken to Europe and paraded as a curiosity. Ferrus wrote her poem in 1998 while studying at the University of Utrecht, Holland. The popularity of this poem is widely believed to be responsible for the return of Bartmann’s remains to South Africa.

During a recent visit to Lexington, Kentucky, Ferrus became familiar with Frank X Walker’s writing and with Love Letter To the World. She translated “Love Letta to de Worl'” into Afrikaans and was recorded performing it soon after returning to South Africa.

Check out Diana’s website here.

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