“Love Letta to de Worl'” in Japanese

-click here to listen to “Love Letta To de Worl'” in Japanese-

The Japanese translation of the poem was a collaboration between Chuck Clenney and Ayako Antone.

Chuck Clenney is a Japanese translator by day and, by night, a writer, DJ, and visual artist, living on the north side of Lexington. He writes for the Chevy Chaser Magazine, has published lots of poems, and hosts a radio show every Tuesday night, 10 pm-midnight, on 88.1 FM WRFL. Chuck also helps coordinate Kentucky Fried Zinefest (formerly Ephemera Fest), a yearly fest for zinesters, DIY artists, small press, and independent publishers, in Lexington, every May.

Ayako Antone is originally from Okinawa, Japan. After graduating from college, she spent about a year in New Zealand, learning English, and exploring the world and herself. In Okinawa, she worked for the Ginowan City Board of Education for a few years as a researcher and editor, and published a book related to the city’s history titled Murashibai, a report about the city’s ethnic dance/musical festival. Ayako has lived in Lexington, KY since 2006. She writes: “When my co-worker Chuck Clenney introduced me to the poem “Love Letta to de Worl,” I fell in love with it. It was not easy to translate such a beautiful piece of art, but it has been an honor to be involved in this project.”

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