Josh Maag-Brown’s “centered”

Below are the words sent to us by Josh Maag-Brown, who also participated in the Boulder Tattoo Project. Thanks for joining our global community, Josh!

“Hi guys! So here’s a pic of my LLTW tat. It was done by Sam Parker in Boulder, CO at Chelsea & Vinney’s place, Claw & Talon Tattoo.

The phrase I’ve chosen is quite meaningful to me because getting ‘centered’ has been something I’ve been trying to accomplish for as long as I can remember. Of course, even trying to define what it means to be ‘centered’ is a continuously moving target; approaching ‘center’ in one area of a person’s life is no indication of how well a person might be doing getting ‘centered’ in other areas. For example, I might be doing better at getting ‘centered’ on my skis as I’m descending that double-black diamond ski run and still have no balance in other areas of my life—work, family, community. ‘about centering’ is a tribute to the effort and a reminder to never give up the pursuit of balance.

Peace & Love to all my global community members. We’re all global citizens first, in my view, and need to be and working toward getting ‘centered’ in the way we treat this amazing little world we’ve been handed!

Josh Maag-Brown
Louisville, CO”

Josh Maag-Brown

Josh Maag-Brown’s “about centering” (image courtesy of Josh Maag-Brown)