Our love letter in Hungarian

-click here to listen to “Love Letta To de Worl’” in Hungarian-

Like so much about this artwork, the Hungarian translation, too, is the result of a happy mix of people and events: it is the product of at least one random encounter (Kremena first met Lujza Hayes Nehrebeczky at the Hive, a hair salon in Lexington, Kentucky, where the two of them were getting haircuts at the same time), months of perseverance (while Lujza was finding just the right words), and a trip to Hungary last fall. Thank you, Lujza, for lending your translation skills to this artwork.

We recorded Lujza reading Frank X Walker’s poem in Shangri-la Productions. A shout out to its owner, Duane Lundy, for never failing to accommodate our busy schedules and for ensuring the beautiful sound of the translations.

Finally, a word of thanks to Ximena McCollum, another participant in Love Letter To the World. Unrelated to Lujza, Ximena also traveled to Hungary a few months ago. She sent us this photograph of Budapest, Lujza’s hometown.

Ximena's photo

Ximena McCollum’s photograph of Budapest, Hungary