“Love and wonder” from Canada to the world

Two of the first photographs uploaded to our website last fall were of tattoos that clearly belonged to Burners: each of the Love Letter To the World tattoos was nestled under a Burning Man logo. We had no idea who the tattoos belonged to and enjoyed the mystery.

Aja and Jens Nørgaard

Aja and Jens Nørgaard’s tattoos (photographs courtesy of Aja and Jens Nørgaard)

In March, we combined the two photographs into a single image and posted it on our Facebook group as that week’s reminder to participants to upload photographs of their healed tattoos. Since the image was now public, we also issued a call: “And let us know who you are if these are your tattoos.” We were curious. And we figured the two participants were probably members of the Facebook group. Nothing happened.

In April, a woman in Denmark posted a picture of her LLTW tattoo on Instagram and tagged us. In going back and forth with her, we found out that the people who had uploaded the two photographs with the Burning Man logo were her parents. It was they who told her about Love Letter To the World. Our new friend, Rie Nørgaard, connected us with her mom, who sent us this story:

“We learned about the LLTW project through the Burning Man site. We got our Burning Man tattoos after our first year at Black Rock City as a reminder of our experience and to keep our memories fresh in the default world. When I read the LLTW poem, the connection with Burning Man was so apparent to us. Burning Man is based on love and tolerance, acceptance, change, respect for each other and for the environment, wonder, challenge—I could go on. LLTW addresses these same things and the marriage of the two tattoos was a natural outcome.

I chose, originally, ‘about change’ to motivate me to avoid the pitfalls that my generation generally falls into—of demanding that the world become a stagnant, comfortable place grounded in history and tradition. But my husband liked this saying as well so I went for my other choice ‘do,’ an equally succinct reminder to get out there, participate, contribute, be active.

We told Annemarie about our tattoos and she looked up your website and the poem, and decided that there was a lot that appealed to her as well. When she gets to Black Rock City, I am sure she will say hello from all of us.

Take care.
Aja and Jens Nørgaard”

Currently, Rie is studying for her last exam towards her Bachelor’s degree. She promised to send us a picture of her healed tattoo when she is done with her exam. Good luck, Rie!