Jeri Ray’s “balance”

“When the Love Letter To the World project started, I was hoping that ‘would’ or ‘wood’ would be in the poem to match my Lexington Tattoo Project tattoo ‘would.’ They weren’t, so I picked the word ‘balance’ because it’s next to the comma my husband Ernie has from the global artwork. My daughter told me I should put this tattoo on my other arm, opposite of ‘would.’ She said that ‘it would balance.’

I hadn’t decided when to get my ‘balance’ until a couple of weeks ago. My mom & I are in a NASCAR top 10 picks game with some other family & friends. We talk before every race and I enter her picks in the computer for her. My favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson. I could hear my dad in the background saying if Jimmie Johnson won, he would send me $50. I told mom to tell him I was going to take his money! After Mom & I hung up, I told Ernie if Jimmie Johnson won, I was getting ‘balance.’

I now have 4 tattoos, 2 on each arm and all paid for by someone else. How’s that for ‘balance’?”

Jeri Ray's "balance"

Jeri Ray’s “balance” (photograph courtesy of Jeri Ray)