Madison and Abigail

“To be part of something bigger. To capture a season of life that’s filled with so many highs, finding oneself, and spontaneity. To have a tangible display of a bond that’s shared with closest friends and strangers from around the globe. We share the same passion, the same peace, the same appreciation for our world—that’s why we decided to participate in the LLTW tattoo project.

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, but couldn’t think of a significant image I would want permanently displayed on my body. I fell in love with the Lexington Tattoo Project, but found out about it too late to participate. The captivating concept intrigued me and I knew if I were to ever get a tattoo, I wanted something that shared this same idea. I was so excited when I found out Kurt & Kremena had masterminded Love Letter to the World—I knew I had to participate. For me, the comma signifies the importance of taking a pause. To think. To respond. To remember that I am not always in control. I also loved the fact it was the smallest portion on the poem (first tattoo here, people) and that I initially thought it was a semicolon (…for months). It reminds me that life is a funny funny gift and that things aren’t always as they appear.

–Madison Osborne”

Madison Osborne and Abigail Watkins (photograph courtesy of

Madison Osborne and Abigail Watkins (photograph courtesy of Madison Osborne and Abigail Watkins)