Kyle Campbell’s “seven different faces”

Kyle Campbell's "seven different faces"

Kyle Campbell’s “seven different faces.” (photograph by Kurt Gohde and Kremena Todorova)

“The phrase I have chosen is ‘seven different faces.’ I have chosen this phrase as a representational metaphor of my family. I am one of five children; along with my two parents, there are seven of us. My family is just like the world, and in turn they are my world. Each one of us is as different as night and day, yet we are one. We share the same blood and core. From outside our family, you can see those similarities we have in appearance. We share some similar personality traits, but we are still own individual person.

Growing up, I felt like the black sheep. I was quiet, closed off, and just didn’t feel like I was even related. My twin brother and I are so completely opposite, you wouldn’t believe we are even related. I struggled with this for a while. It wasn’t until I truly realized my own identity as a gay man that I also realized how different my family is from one another. But suddenly, the rest of my family began really discovering who they are. We each have our own identity, yes, but so does everyone else in the world. No two souls are alike.

I felt my connection with my family grow stronger through the years as we got older, as we all began to discover our own identities. Each of us blossomed as a person. We all show pride in ourselves, and we all give much love to each other to show respect and appreciation that we are one family.

Just like our world, each continent needs the others to function and grow. My family is just the same! When I began to drift away from my family, this phrase ‘seven different faces.’ really struck me and helped me grow closer to the realization that my family and I are seven different faces, but still one world.”