Our love letter in Dutch!

-click here to listen to “Love Letta to de Worl’” in Dutch-

Frank X Walker’s poem was translated in Dutch by Laurent De Maertelaer and Ann Catteeuw. Many thanks to both of them!

Originally from Belgium, Laurent studied English literature in Gent, Belgium and Anglo-Irish literature and drama in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked in the film industry since 2000: first, as the curator of the Musée du cinema in Brussels and then for the Huis van Alijn museum, situated in the historic center of Gent. The core business of the museum is “daily life in the 20th century.” Laurent is currently busy with the unique home movies collection of the museum and with preparing 6 film booths in which the movies will be viewed all over the city.

Ann is also from Belgium. She studied philosophy and communication in Gent, and is currently studying Russian, one of her great passions. She has been a student of Russian language and culture for over 20 years, but is now taking her passion to an academic level.

Ann and Laurent met at the Musée du cinema in Brussels and got married almost exactly 5 years ago: on July 15, 2011. They live in Melle, a small town outside of Gent, together with Ann’s 21-year-old son Nils. They have 3 cats and are both avid readers.